March 7, 2012

A Child Is Born - A Ballad Stanza

The Death of Casagemas - Picasso, 1901

A child is born, a mother cries
And mourns: “Life is your foe,
A sharpened knife; and comfort is
Neither above nor below.”

A man, a knight in armour bright,
Conquers the world: “I grow;
My might the night enlightens; I
Command above and below."

A man with greying hair is wiser,
With reason rises: “A flow
Of thoughts unknown and I can now
Glimpse above and below."

A man, on his deathbed lies, and prays:
“Creator, Saviour, Oh!...
Redeem my soul, my love embrace,
You, me: Above, not below.”

How cruel and bitter is the world,
To babies, bairns! They learn
How sinful nature burns and fuels
The soul. For more, they yearn.

How sweet, how deep the final rest,
The sunset, Heaven’s nest!
With God man meets. His soul shall be
Forever pressed against His chest.  

 © Alex B.H., 2012

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