March 6, 2013

Songs About March

How time flies. March 6th, and halfway through the semester.
March is a beautiful month. The snow melts, the sky is blue again and everything seems to be coming back to life. Every day is a bit longer than the day before, suggesting the bliss of summer.

I thought I could share some songs that I love about spring, or March.

Jon Foreman - March (A Prelude to Spring)
Short and sweet. I can't get tired of Jon Foreman's music. It is simple, introspective and evocative.

Elis Regina - Aguas de Março
A Bossa Nova masterpiece. The lyrics don't really mean anything, to be very honest, but the song is very poetic.

Stacey Kent - Les eaux de mars
This is Stacey Kent's interpretation of the French version of the same song. I like Stacey Kent, sometimes. Her version of Les eaux de Mars is a classic.

Vivaldi - Spring (The Four Seasons)
This one is for my dad who has always loved Vivaldi's music. It is nearly impossible to listen to this without wishing you could play the violin.

Sufjan Stevens - Redford (For Yia-Yia and Pappou)

This song is not about March, or spring, but I wanted to include it because it is just breathtaking.

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