October 31, 2012

Kings of Convenience: Sheer Simplicity

I love to discover new bands that I love. When I find a gem of a band, I get very, very excited.

Kings of Convenience is one of those bands. It's actually not really a band, but two friends: Erlend Øye and Eirik Glambek Bøe. Yes, they're from Norway.
KOC's music is surprisingly simple, yet their melodies are very elaborate. Their lyrics are both light-hearted and profound, introspective yet slightly naive. In that regard, Kings of Convenience remind me of Sufjan Stevens.

Unlike some other indie bands, KOC have music videos for many of their songs. I included some of my favourites. 

Enjoy! (I suggest you watch all the videos. You'll know right away whether you like them or not, but if you do like them, you'll become addicted!)

I'd Rather Dance With You

Boat Behind

Cayman Islands


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