October 1, 2012

Rue Royale, or Candy for Your Indie Ears

Photo Credit: Berlin Sessions

I stumbled upon Rue Royale's songs while searching for cool new playlists on 8tracks. What really strikes me about their music is how sophisticated and creative their melodies are. Every song of theirs is precious and unique.

Rue Royale's motto is ''it's all about the journey, not the destination.''
Indeed, many of their songs seem to line up with the idea that it's all about the process and not the end goal.

And Rue Royale is not only about the music; their lyrics are deep, genuine, and relateable. Some of their songs are in fact profound reflections about being a human, the meaning of existence, and one's spiritual journey.

Even in the Darkness
oh I will follow you
even in the darkness know you're true
oh I will follow you
walking in the light you call me to
cause i 
i love your name it is like honey on my mouth
oh i 
i love your ways they are so beautiful to me

These Long Roads
'cause you know when you walk so long
in your head it feels oh so wrong
we're not alone, no
we're not alone
at the end
at the end of these long roads

give me just a clue
just a glimpse into
what it is you'd like to say

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